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50 cent Ringtones downloads

Enter your cellphone number to get 50 cent Ringtones downloads ringtones now! And

He uses the name 50 cent to perform his lyrical prowess on stage and acting when he finds fit to do so, simply because he paid dearly to be where he is at and has got wounds to prove it. As we all know that he is the actor of note, and have seen him appearing on reputable films with few to mention such as his true life based story of “Get rich or die trying”, and “Before I self Destruct” which received critical acclaim and positive feedback of sales figures. However the platform to discuss more on the life of this artist is some other time as we are here to chiefly deal with the downloadable track that you can download at our ultimate jamming site So if you are the avid follower of this credible artist, then you really need to make means to have ringtones on any of your favorite track. Such of the tracks that you can download are from his previous albums like the massacre which was the banger back in the airwaves and was causing havoc and stampede at the international top 40 hits. Late last year Fiddy released an album titled Before I self destruct, which features numerous credible artists such your R-Kelly on the track named “Could’ve been you” which is a perfect collaboration, also you will find the ever versatile Ne-yo on the “Baby by me” track which keeps on elevating the charts gradually by the weeks, together with his mentor Eminem on the track called “Psycho”. Within this chart toping album you will find debonair track such as “I got swag”, “get it hot” that is still kicking some butt around the airwaves international top 40 right here in our turf South Africa. And all of these dope tracks can simply be downloaded for your phone as the ringtones; SMS tones, or even download his uber drippin pictures as your wallpaper by simply subscribing to our site at

So best you do yourself a favor by paying us the warmest visit today at to capture the essence of scooping big on the incredible deals that we have for you. Music is in the air at and is just waiting for you to download for your cell phone. Who knows you can even make as your caller tune or a mere ringtone?

Enter your cellphone number to get 50 cent Ringtones downloads ringtones now! And

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